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Investigation and Process Service

If you are looking for a private investigation company that gives you professional results on investigations, surveillances and process services, you've found it! Butina & Company, LLC., is a diversified investigation agency that takes pride in every assignment and strives to provide the most comprehensive and detailed results to our customers. We conduct competent and ethical investigations with a commitment to excellence.

Accomplishments in our investigations are achieved by securing detailed information, records and photographic evidence. By listening to our customers' needs, we can effectively recommend a course of action best suited for any situation. We serve insurance companies, attorneys, businesses and private individuals in a variety of ways. Every case is different and we have the experience and resources that guarantee you receive the best possible outcome on your case.

At Butina & Company, LLC., we want to put our expertise to work for you. We can positively impact your criminal or civil defense case and assist you through litigation. Let us help you resolve those difficult insurance claims, perform a detailed background investigation or locate a witness for court. If you're in need of legal process services, we can quickly assist you with those requests.

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