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Butina & Company, LLC. specializes in surveillance services. Surveillance is widely used for securing evidence on insurance claims, criminal cases, security concerns, child custody issues, divorce actions and cheating spouse matters. Every case is different but with state-of-the-art equipment and the experience of our investigators, we have the capabilities of obtaining videotaped evidence on all cases.

Investigation: PA & NY Criminal History

We conduct investigations in many different areas. These areas of investigation include but are not limited to: criminal, civil, and judgment research (Federal, State and Local), employment history, insurance claims, child custody, and domestic issues.

To determine if a person has a criminal history in Pennsylvania or New York, our office can perform a comprehensive search to reveal any convictions within the state. This check is invaluable for consideration of employment or child care.

Legal Process Service

Legal Process Service is available in any location of our service territory. These services are performed with professionalism and are handled quickly. For the hard to locate defendants or witnesses, we are uniquely qualified to locate these persons through various means and complete the service.

NOTE: All legal process service is done in accordance with the Pennsylvania and New York Rules of Civil Procedure.

Child Custody

To assist in child custody and visitation disputes, we offer investigation and surveillance services for those parents who are concerned about the well-being of their children. We can help in determining if neglect is taking place and where the children are during visitations. We do a large volume of child custody cases! Our investigators also locate dead-beat parents!

Cheating and Adultery

There is nothing more frustrating than believing your spouse is having an affair. When you suspect a spouse or loved one is cheating, accurately determining those beliefs and moving on with your life is all that matters. Research shows, if you suspect your spouse is cheating, more often than not your beliefs are accurate. Let our surveillance experts discreetly investigate your concerns and identify those cheating spouses. Through surveillance, hidden cameras and investigative techniques, we can get you the evidence you need. All investigations are strictly confidential.

Collection Assistance

We provide valuable assistance in collection cases. Our office can locate debtors and serve those individuals with notices of collection, asset investigation papers, or other legal paperwork. We can help you get your money!

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a growing concern in our society. Should you suspect a caregiver or family member is abusing your parent, grandparent, or elderly loved one, we can help. By using state-of-the-art hidden cameras, we can detect and identify abuse. Once abuse is documented, we will prepare the evidence for the proper authorities.

Missing Persons & Locators

For many reasons, peoples' whereabouts often need to be determined. Our investigators are skilled in locating witnesses to auto accidents, defendants for process service, claimants, debtors, dead-beat parents, ex-spouses, etc. These types of investigations combine good "old fashioned" detective work and "modern day" data searches.